Training Offered

Below is a list of many of the training MCCI offers


Fire Protection and Prevention Emergency

Evacuation MCCI will provide your employees with basic fundamentals on fire safety. MCCI explain the use of fire extinguishers, NFPA placarding systems and requirements of the OSHA standards. MCCI will explain to attendee’s your company Emergency Evacuation Procedures and policies.


Electrical Safety & Lock Out/Tag Out Procedures

MCCI will cover the OSHA standards for Electrical Safety as well as the National Electrical Codes (NEC). We will cover General Wiring Hazards and High Voltage Safety as well as the use of Ground Fault Interrupters. MCCI will discuss your companies lock out/tag out procedures and who are the effected Personnel.


Personal Protective Equipment – Respirator

MCCI will provide training to your employees on the types of PPE that is required to perform their job tasks safely. MCCI will explain PPE assessments and the OSHA requirements for PPE.


Fall Protection

MCCI will discuss personal Fall Arrest Equipment and a “Hands on Demonstration” of what to look for while inspecting your equipment.


Machine Guarding

MCCI will provide training to your employees on the different types of guards and their uses. MCCI will also explain other safety precautions when operating press brakes and bench grinders.


Crane Operator Safety Training

MCCI will train your employees on how to operate a pendent operated crane safely by use safe rigging procedures and safe lifting techniques. MCCI will also instruct your employees on universal hand signals and Operators Responsibilities. MCCI will be using ANSI/ASME guidelines for this specific type of training.


Hazard Communications and Hazardous Materials

MCCI will provide training to your employees on the OSHA required Program, Placards, labeling requirements. MCCI will also explain Material Safety Data Sheets and their uses. MCCI will then explain your company’s procedures on dealing with Hazard Materials and Toxic chemical in the work place. Some DOT requirements will also be covered in this segment of training.


Ladder Safety

MCCI will instruct each employee how to use extension, fixed and portable ladders safely. MCCI will explain what to items for while inspecting ladders.


Job Safety Analysis

MCCI will explain the use of JSA’s and how simple they are to develop for any type of job. The entire class will evaluate a JSA form.


Safe Lifting Procedures

MCCI will provide training to your employees explaining to them how to move materials safely and how to use their body safely. MCCI will also discuss ergonomics and the use of material handling equipment. The class will also participate in a “Hands On” exercise on how to lift different types of materials safely.


Hand and Power Tool Safety

MCCI will train your employees how to safely use power tools such as drill motors, and hand grinders. Also preventative maintenance and how to inspect the tools will be discussed. MCCI will discuss improperly grounded tools, and the use of non-double insulated tools.


OSHA 10 Hour and 30 Hour Construction Outreach


Scaffold Users Training

MCCI will provide training to those employees working on/or exposed to scaffolding on the job site. The break down of the authority that a competent person has and the hazards from working on scaffolding will be explained in detail.


Scaffold Competent Person Training

In this day and a half class, MCCI will train your employees on erection, disassembling, moving, operating, repairing, maintaining, and inspecting scaffold, to be a designated competent person for your company.


Fork Lift Operator Certification

MCCI will instruct your employees both in classroom as well as hands-on training on the safe operation of a fork lift. We will utilize techniques to drive them to perform in a safe manner and to meet the OSHA required guide lines. MCCI has provided this type of training for many years to our customer’s nation wide.


Training Title