Our Services

Our mission is to provide customized safety consulting and engineering services that exceed our customer’s expectations. Below is listed many of the services MCCI offers. We also conduct safety training on many topics.


Safety Program Audits

MCCI will evaluate your current safety program to ensure that it adheres to current regulations for your industry. Your company will receive safety analysis of our findings.


OSHA Compliance Audits

MCCI will conduct a review of your safety records and procedures at your office, and perform an on-site inspection of your facility. This is followed by a written report with recommendations which we will review with your management team.


Safety Program Development

These are a few of the programs we will address. A written program will follow the corresponding training.

  • LO/TO
  • Occupational Safety & Health
  • Hazard Communications
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Emergency Response
  • Respiratory Program
  • Fleet Safety Program

Regulatory Compliance Programs


Recordkeeping Analysis

MCCI will review your company’s past OSHA and EPA records to ensure that the records are current and prepared properly.


Job Hazard Assessment

MCCI will assist your employees in writing assessments for each job task. This is done by identifying any hazards associated with the task and the measures to be taken to prevent injuries and accidents.


Toolbox Talks

MCCI will perform short presentations of safety issues at the construction site to increase worker awareness of the hazards associated with the project. We also will view short safety videos from our video library and address any questions or concerns of the employees.


Safety Meetings

MCCI will conduct detailed safety meetings for construction companies and industrial facilities on topics which are specific to the dangers involved in the current projects.


Safety Manuals

MCCI will write an Occupational Health and Safety Program specific to the clients needs. It will include procedures and policies to be established and implemented by the company. Issues such as accident reporting, disciplinary actions, and safety procedures will be addressed. Safety manuals should be updated annually to remain current with State and Federal regulations.


MSDS Updating

MCCI will review and update your companies Material Safety Data Sheets and organize them to meet OSHA guidelines.


On-site Safety Representative

MCCI will provide a full-time safety representative to work on special projects, working with your employees around-the-clock if necessary to ensure a safe work environment. Hours can be tailored to client and job specific.


On-site Safety Inspections

MCCI will conduct safety inspections of your job site and record any violations found on a safety checklist. The violation is immediately corrected and copies of the report are given to management for documentation and comment.


Employee Safety Handbooks

MCCI will create a condensed version of the company occupational safety and health manual into an employee pocket guide for easy reference to all of your employees.


Expert Witness

One of our areas of expertise is Expert Witness and Litigation consulting in the safety field.  We have worked with many firms on cases from construction related accidents and personal injury to other safety related injuries or fatalities, as well as other OSHA compliance related cases.